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Bbc World News

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BBC World News

BBC World News is an international 24-hour TV channel that can be accessed online around the globe. It is free to use and provides live streaming news plus a variety of programmes on sport, entertainment science and many other subjects. BBC World News is the BBC’s most watched TV channel with an estimated 74 million viewers worldwide each week! Watch online via to get all the latest news on world events that are shaping the world.

BBC World News Schedule

The latest international news is broadcast every hour in a half hour international news bulletin. This is interspersed by informational programmes such as GMT which presented by George Alagiah covers the latest news developments across the world including sport and politics. You can also watch live broadcasts such as BBC World Africa and BBC News World America keeping you up to date with all the latest in those continents.

BBC World News Programmes

The BBC World News schedule includes some favourites from UK TV such as Panorama, the Review Show presented by Kirsty Wark and Newsnight.
BBC World News programmes include Sport Today – all the sports news from around the world and Dateline London where foreign correspondents based in London give their opinion of international events.

BBC World News History

BBC World News was first broadcast in 1991 when the channel was named BBC World Service Television. It is the biggest new channel in the world and has the largest number of reporters and international news stations in the world. BBC World News is not funded by UK license payers but generates income from advertising revenue. BBC World News is free to watch and keeps you in touch with the news online wherever you are in the World. Essential viewing for travellers and stay at homes alike, this live streaming TV service keeps you informed on the world view.
Catch up with BBC World News via and see the best of UK and World news live online. Get the global perspective on the stories the whole world is talking about.   BBC World News is an international 24-hour TV channel with a large variety of television programs, covering news, weather, sports and many other subjects. Click, Fast Track, Have your say, Asia Business, Sports and Travel are a few of the programs aired daily. As an integral member of BBC Global News, sitting alongside BBC World Service radio, BBC World News delivers impartial, in-depth analysis of breaking news, as well as looking at the stories behind the news. Tags: bbc world, news, service, weather, bbc worldwide, war 1, war 2, service live, news live, cup fixtures, cup, service schedule, bbc world news, live, channel, radio, schedule, america, presenters, online, africa, today, live stream, bbc world, united kingdom, english.

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